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This index of links takes you to a number of traffic exchanges on the Internet where you can simply sign up for free, and surf other members websites in exchange for page views to your own website. These are the type of people we want in our system because they are all savvy enough about the Internet to already be promoting something of their own on line, and are actively looking for traffic to that site. Most people like this are somewhat open to new information or a new idea or concept that will work to their own prosperity better than what they are currently doing, and are open to ways to be more free and prosperous by using the internet to network with others of like mind. This really works because there are hundreds of traffic systems like this with literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of members, and the membership is changing constantly.
As time permits I will be adding more traffic systems here. I will only add the ones that I have already joined and used, and who have accepted our ads to be displayed.

Most of these exchanges give additional credits as a percentage of new members that you would refer to their systems. The links on this page are Paul Stramer's links, so if you refer people to these links they will end up in Paul Stramer's downline on the exchanges. I would suggest that you make a list of your own referral URLs and use those to refer new people so you get more credits. Each system always has a page where you can find your referral URL and sometimes they send it in the very first activation email you get from their system.
If you have any questions you can reach me at 800 889 2839+ zero or directly to my desk at 406 889 3183.
Check back at this page often and find new exchanges as I have time to add them.
To get current rankings on traffic exchanges visit this link.
Traffic Delivery Report

Remember that if you decide to upgrade to a pro (paid) memebership in anything on this page it's all 100% tax deductible as advertising. Just keep your receipts.

Links with the colored ball are the very best systems!

Boost My Online Biz pstramer

Organic Prospects pstramer

BuildaBiz Online pstramer

So Many Hits 13980

EasyHits4u pstramer

ClickVoyager pstramer

Clickaholics pstramer

You2surf 7922

Members Rule pstramer

Just Good Traffic 11278

Legacy Hits pstramer

Hungry For Hits pstramer

Postman Hits 5364

Cash Clicking pstramer

ILoveHits pstramer

TopSurfer pstramerr

Rainforest Clicks pstramer

Traffic Splash pstramer

Boot Scootin Traffic pstramer

Marketers Mailer pstramer

Carrier Hits pstramer

Bounty Surf pstramer

Bionic Hits 14710

Hits-A-Million 27395

Subzero 2910

Fast Easy Traffic 60136

Hungry For Hits 8329

Shockwave Traffic pstramer

Traffic Swirl pstramer

Millionaire Surf pstramer

TrafficHeros pstramer

AdvertisingKnowHow pstramer

TrafficEra pstramer

Truckload of Hits pstramer

Free Ad Swap pstramer

Quality Hits 4U 10027

Farm Traffic 24575

Cyber Wheelers 4637

Finest Traffic 1304

Traffic G pstramer

Hits Viral pstramer

1 Goldmine pstramer

Trend Trax 2032

Traffic Speedway 14694

WebmasterQuest pstramer

Soaring4Traffic pstramer

LordsOfTraffic pstramer

Ninja Surf pstramer

Skyscrapersurf pstramer

Cool Cat Hits 7111

Windpower Traffic pstramer

Traffic Pods pstramer

Fast N Furious Traffic pstramer

1 to 1 Hits 1773

Global Hits 2u 3421

Dragon Surf 21612

Sweeva pstramer

Sitexplosion 22470

Proactive Surf 1047

Sotuk Traffic 15505

Wildlife Hits 538

Traffic Ad Bar pstramer

Hits Booster Pro 64395

Swatt Traffic 2700

Social Ad Surf pstramer

Veteran Surf 2246

Email Advertising:
Below you will find systems on the net that are free and/or paid opt in email lists that you can mail your ads to. These are spam free opt in lists that you usually join for free, and agree to get email from their members in return for being able to send email to their members. Some of these also have several levels of paid participation where you can just buy ads to their membership. Some require you to stay on the email ad and wait for a timer to run out to get credit. As with the traffic exchanges I will be adding systems here as time permits so check back about once per week. The first one is Business World List and they have a huge subscriber base. Look it over and join free, then decide if you want to upgrade your membership and buy some ads.

Email Marketing

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Leads, Leads, Leads!

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