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You might have found us on our blog or one of our other websites on our server. In any case we hope to help you find what you are looking for, so don't hesitate to call our toll free line above and ask questions.
If you are looking for silver try teapartysilver.com and click the products link at the top to see the different styles we sell. If you have any questions it won't cost you a penny to get information and I will be happy to spend some time with you, answering your questions.

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We have our own server and give our associates lots of website help with innovative ideas and technology to help you be successful on line, from the comfort of your home or home office!

All you need is a computer, your phone, and a few hours per week.

There is nothing more important in the business world than protecting your assets, and understanding what to have those assets invested in.

We work in the precious metals field because 79 million baby boomers will be turning 65 at the rate of one every 8 seconds for the next 20 years, and right now everyone is looking for a way to protect their assets against the falling value of paper currency.

Claim your heritage and prosperity back now!

We have used our BEMER now for 60 days and we love what it does.

No, It's not a Car.
The science of  Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation therapy, is relatively new in the United States compared to it's use in Europe, especially in Germany where it was invented.

I was given the use of this technology by a long time neighbor and friend right here in Eureka Montana, and the results for me have been wonderful.

On June 1st this year I injured my right shoulder and arm in a fall. It's been a real challenge to continue my work, and plenty of pain involved.  I am 71 now so I don't heal as fast as I used to. Even running the mouse on my computer has been painful but getting better over the last 3 months.  In the 60 days I have been using the BEMER the pain is much less, and almost gone.

Now we have our own BEMER and the benefits are wonderful. I have more energy, sleep better and wake up more rested. My heart rate, which I test every day about 5 times, is lower on average, and oxygen is up on the oximeter.  I feel better and enjoy going for walks with my wife more. 

But let me give you the science behind this, and you can decide for yourself.

Look at the science at the company site here:


Be sure to watch all the videos on this website.

Look at the various equipment here:   http://paul-stramer.bemergroup.com 

If you are wanting to buy one just call me at 406 889 3183 or email at pstramer@gmail.com

or you can visit the online store here:


This technology can make a big difference in your health like it is in ours. Pay special attention to the science and watch all the videos to really get what this is.

If you want to be a distributor and order a BEMER at the same time here is the link. 

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