We started as a grass roots meetup group for the Ron Paul campaign, and have now formed a loosely organized gathering of individuals concerned about public safety, the rule of law, crime prevention through education, restoration of our Republic, The Constitution, and many other issues discussed at our regular meetings every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at the Senior Center in Eureka Montana.

We are teaching everyone how to document what they see, communicate what they can prove, and hold elected officials accountable for their actions or lack of actions.
There is no membership required. Just show up at the meetings and learn how to protect yourself in a society that is in trouble and getting worse every day.
We are the Lincoln County Watch. We will eventually have website systems for our members to communicate with each other, and where we will post what we can document effecting public safety, and crime in Lincoln County.
When the website goes live at you will see our mission statement.
Please feel free to join this meetup group to keep up to speed on announcements and meetings, or call 406 889 3183 for more information.

We are just ordinary people living in and around Northwest Montana that are plum fed up with government intervention in our lives, especially in our ability to make a living and keep the fruits of our labors.
To correct that, we are using the lawful means provided in the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution FOR the United States of America, such as the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech to improve the Rule of Law, and diminish the rule by men.

We believe that if we donít exercise these rights we will lose them.

We the people have proven over and over in the last year that we are a force beyond the control of these New World order neo-con empire builders. We stopped their amnesty for illegal aliens cold in it's tracks not once but several times in 2008, and we have held the line on many other issues.

We will now take back our county and country from these power hungry socialist criminals in government, and we will do it without violence using the lawful tools at our disposal as enumerated in the Supreme law of the land, the Constitutions for the United States and the Sovereign State of Montana.

To that end we have started a local grass roots group of activist citizens who meet to discuss these issues then work to spread the word to their neighbors and friends, counteracting the main stream media brainwashing and control using political terrorism.

That is right, the government is terrorizing We the People with threats against our freedoms including the threat to take away all our guns, steal our retirements accounts, devalue our currency, end our freedom of speech, and tax us into oblivion. The government is being backed up by mainstream media, who are also guilty of the fraud being perpetrated by government entities and private corporations like the Federal Reserve. All of these are guilty of plundering We the People under the color of law. They are guilty of the crime of fraud, when they represent their actions as lawful and official.

We intend to bring them to justice by first of all, throwing them out of office where applicable, then by prosecuting them for their crimes.

We are FOR good government, for the rule of law, for the administration of justice, and very much against the rule of men, corruption in high places, and the building of a police state in America. We are for freedom, liberty, and the Bill of Rights. We are for the Constitutional Republican form of government given us by our founding fathers. We are against democracies, because they always deteriorate into a mob rule and then an oligarchic rule of the few.

If you value your freedom, and your country you need to join us in this last ditch attempt to avoid using the final line of defense of liberty, our second amendment.

If we donít succeed, make no mistake, there will come a time in the near future when government agents will attempt to take your guns. What will you do, when you are all alone, and they come to your house? Who will you ask for help? Who can you trust, when the real criminals are in government? Who can you rely on to protect you when the agents of government are the real terrorists? Where can you get justice, when the courts are just as corrupt as the elected officials that put us in this mess?

These are tough questions. Somebody has to be willing to ask them.

Remember that you can never be held liable in a court of law, for any question that you might ask!

So ask lots of questions that your elected officials and your local law enforcement personnel canít answer? Yes embarrass them, the put them on the spot. Make them commit themselves on these issues. Make them uphold their oath of office. Make them obey the law by exposing them to the public on all the issues. Use every means at your disposal to spread the word, and may God go with you and may He have Mercy on us and our country.


Paul Stramer

Republican Precinct Committeeman Precinct 3, and State Committeeman, Lincoln County Montana


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