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Have you signed up for the free Veretekk Silver lead generation system, and now you want step by step instructions on what to do?

You came to the right place. We are going to give you precise instructions here to get some real value and learn how the Veretekk free Silver system can benefit your business. Remember it's free for a lifetime, unless you choose to get the added tools of the Veretekk Gold system.

Recorded Veretekk Training Listen to Paul Stanton, Veretekk Gold trainer and Radio personality. This recorded website is always up to date with the latest changes on the Veretekk system. It will show you the differences between Veretekk Silver (the basic free affiliate site), and Veretekk Gold, the fully functional system with all the search engine optimization, traffic portals, and opt-in email systems.
Step 1.
Log in to your own Silver back office. Go to http://www.veretekk.com/ or your own Veretekk Silver website and click the Members Login button in the upper left corner, then put in your logon name and the password that came in the first email you received when you joined. If you don't have that password there is a feature right on the login page that lets you get that password resent to the email address you used when you signed up. The best free email to use with Veretekk is gmail.com
Veretekk has extensive instructions written on every page for each step. When you login to your back office you will see your sponsors primary business advertising or logo if your sponsor is a Veretekk Gold subscriber. If you upgrade to gold that page does not show and you are taken right to your back office. The navigation is always on the left side and the buttons change on each page to give you access to each feature. You can press the Silver buttons for your Silver system. If you press the gold buttons the system is marketing the upgrade. Remember that as a Silver Free subscriber you can give away unlimited Silver systems free, and you can also market your Portal page, which is the affiliate site itself. If one of your free silver referrals signs up for the Gold system (even while you are still a free member yourself) you will be paid $60 so be sure to follow the steps below and put in your tax ID number.
Step 2.
Click the silver "Configuration" button on the left. Notice that the buttons below it have now changed.
Click on the "Personal Info" button and make sure all the information is filled out. You don't have to change your password unless you want to. Be sure to put in your tax ID number or social security number so you can get paid if someone upgrades. Click Save.
Step 3.
Click on the "Personal Email" button. Make sure the email address that shows in the box is the right one. I recommend using a gmail.com address because they don't throw away your mail before you have a chance to see it. All the other big ISPs think they have the right to censor your mail, and will trash eamil without your having seen those mails.
Step 4.
If you have gotten this far you need now to pause and click on the black link at the top right side of the browser window that says "Veretraining" then go to the calendar and find the trainings that have to do with the free Silver Veretekk system and attend one or two of them.
Step 5.
Now go back to the Veretekk system by clicking the black button on the top left side of the browser window that says Veretekk then on the left find the button that says "Portal Marketing" and click it. This is the heart of your system. Read everything in the big box on the right, and pay special attention to all the portal links in about the middle of the page (you will have to scroll down quite a ways to see them). Notice that the affiliate portal has a corresponding link that starts with your logon name. You can send people to this link so they can also see the system and attend the trainings. If someone you introduce decides to upgrade to Gold you will be paid a commission. Portals a services that you can give to people. Each portal gives away a service that most webmasters are looking for. It might be a way to submit their websites to the search engines, or a way to track their advertising. It might be a way to generate leads by giving away blog sites, or live conference rooms. All these things come with the Gold system.
Step 6.
Look at each of your affiliate portal page. The first link is your affiliate site where people can sign up for their own free silver Veretekk system. The link will be http://yourlogonname.veretekk.com You should go read this doorway to your own Silver Veretekk system now. When you are done come back to the portal marketing page and Click on the Affiliate Site on the left. It will be a lavader color. Then call me at 800 889 2839 extension zero and I will walk you through the configuration of the portal.
Step 7.
In this step you will go back to your 'main center', then 'configuration' then click the link to check your email. You need to take the time to watch the video about how Veremail works.
Step 8.
Now go back to 'Main Center' then click on "The Hammer" and read the page, then go to your own leadsomatic.com page. Leadsomatic is more than a traffic portal. It's also a profit portal. In other words it's an income generator in and of itself, if you choose to upgrade to the $10 per month version and try to sign up others to that also. If you don't upgrade you will still have the ability to use your own "Hammer" or Leadsomatic site so sign up and create your ad for Stem Enhance and be sure to use your doorway page or your KTOstemtech.com page when you hit the lever to submit. You can use keywords of your choosing. I use two word phrases or single words. Stem cell, stem enhance, stem tech, embryonic, bone marrow, stem cell research. Use your imagination and put keywords in that you would type in a search engine to find your own stem tech business. Even free members can use the search engine submitter although it won't go to as many search engines.
Step 9.
Once you have gotten this far you should go to the top black links and click Veretraining, the look on the left side for the Calendar. Go in and find the trainings you are interested in. Look for training on the silver system first. If you have any trouble with any errors call me toll free at my number below. Some computers have active X controls that need to be modified slightly to make it work. Attend as many trainings as you have time for and learn about the best ways to use the systems.
Step 10.
Here are some links to places where you can get traffic to your portal pages.
That last link will get you hooked up with about 21 different traffic exchanges on the Internet. I don't use all of these all at the same time. That would be very time consuming. You should set up a few and maybe use one each day for a few minutes to a half hour. If you do that consistently over time you will have them all working for you, and you might be surprised what it will do because you can promote any one of your portal pages on Veretekk, and even give away chances at winning a computer system as an incentive for people to use your page. See your portal page at: http://yourlogonname.computer-giveaway.net
OK, that's enough homework for a good beginning on the free Silver Veretekk system. Use the Veretraining to learn more. It's in your back office for Veretekk.

Remember that the Internet is only ONE way to find new people to see your automated phone and KTO internet systems. Our automated systems do the sifting and sorting, but we need ways to get people to those COA Network phone, and KTOstemtech.com systems. We can use Veretekk on the Internet, and many other methods, like TV Spot ads, Radio infomercials, hard copy ads, mailings of CD radio ads, Free Ebook giveaways (you get two in veretekk silver) and many other methods. See the Team Keerthi website for some advertising that I bet you have not thought of.
http://www.teamkeerthi.com Click on Team Resources.
Veretekk has the largest and oldest system of double and triple opt in lead generation on the Internet, coupled to a viral marketing system of portal pages and autoresponders available anywhere. Log in to your back office if you already have your free silver system and want to upgrade.

Veretekk also has the newest and most comprehensive marketing system on the Internet because they are constantly upgrading their systems to take advantage of every new technology being invented for the Internet marketing arena. Veretekk's whole purpose is to allow you to promote your own business opportunity, whatever it might be, using state of the art new Internet tools and systems.

Veretekk personel invented the term 'opt-in' email. If you don't understand how a system this large can be fully spam proof you need to visit this link first:

or go to your own veremail.com portal and read the entire site.

Your visit to this site has not been by accident!

Veretekk runs on well over 400 tier one blade servers!

Take it from personal experience by a daily user of these products.
This is as real as it gets, and you are not alone!

Paul Stramer
800 889 2839 extension 0

E-mail : pstramer@eurekadsl.net

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